How to turn $300 into $200k in just 4 Years by investing in Bitconnect

In this article, I’m going to share with you some simple math and explain to you how you can turn a simple $300 investment in Bitconnect into over $200,000 in just 4 years by using compounding. As outlandish as that sounds, the math is correct and many people have already earned much more than $200,000 from Bitconnect. Some people have already made over a million dollars. (Please note: The amount you’d like to invest is completely up to you. I just used a $300 investment as an example to demonstrate the power behind Bitconnect).

What is Bitconnect

Let me start by answering this question for you. Many of you might not have heard of Bitconnect. Bitconnect is a type of cryptocurrency. Almost everyone has probably heard of Bitcoin. Well, there are many other coins similar to Bitcoin, called altcoins. Bitconnect is one of these coins.

…but it’s more than that as well.

Other than being a cyptocurrency coin, it’s also an internal exchange and a¬†full-fledged income generating investment vehicle.

A built-in Income-Generating cryptocurrency coin:

If you’ve ever traded stocks before, you’re probably familiar with dividends. As a long-time stock investor myself, one of the main wishes I’ve had since I started investing in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is that I could earn dividends from it.

Most people understand that investing is usually long term. Most people buy and hold assets such as stocks or cryptocurrency for many years waiting and hoping that the value goes up so they can profit from it later. Most people also realize that sometimes it can take many years (even multiple decades) before that investment ever reaches the type of profits that they are looking for. Smart investors will usually invest in things that generate an income (many times in the form of interest or dividends). This makes sense. In this way, they can get paid while they hold instead of just having their money tied up while they’re waiting for their investment to grow.

Income from Staking Bitconnect

Well, Bitconnect is just that. When you buy Bitconnect (Ticker: BCC), you will receive income while you hold. This is called staking. By staking (or holding) an asset like Bitconnect, you are helping to maintain the security of the Network. In return, the company will pay you an interest payment. Below is a chart of how much interest you will earn from staking.

As you can see from the chart above, the interest is pretty substantial and all you have to do to earn that interest is hold for at least 15 days. You will then keep earning interest for as long as you hold the coin in your wallet. The company seems to be paying the most POS (Proof of Stake) interest the closer you are to the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) while the farther out timeblocks receive less.

Income from Lending your Bitconnect

I didn’t spend that much time talking about staking because in my opinion, the real profits can be earned by lending.

Lending is another way in which you can earn profits while you hold your Bitconnect coins.

The Bitconnect site claims to have a trading bot. People that own bitconnect can lend their coins to the company which in turn uses the coins to trade with their bot and earn profits. In return, the company will pay you a daily interest payment. The interest generated each day is calculated by a computer program that the company employs called¬†BitConnect Price Volatility Software. This software tracks the volatility of bitcoin to which the Bitconnect trading bot is tied. The more volatility, theoretically the less the trading bot is able to earn that day in profits, therefore, you would accrue less interest that day. On days when the bot is able to perform better, you will accrue more interest. On average, since it’s ICO until now, The daily interest rate has averaged about 1% daily.

On top of the base interest rate that they pay out each day, Bitconnect users can also qualify for a bonus interest rate based on how much they lend. The higher the amount you lend, the greater this bonus can be.

Below is a breakdown of the daily interest rates, bonus interest rates, and capital release timeframes for Bitconnect Lending:

BitConnect lending plan

As you can see, If you lend enough to qualify for each subsequent tier, generally you will earn more daily interest on your investment as well as get back your invested capital quicker. Please note that you will receive your interest payment each day and you can do whatever you want with that at any time, but you will not get back your initial lending deposit until your loan term is complete. The more you lend, the shorter the term (as you can see by the chart).

Example #1: Let’s say that you bought $500 worth of Bitconnect and you lent it, you would receive the standard daily interest rate each day and you would get your invested capital back after 299 days.

Example #2: Let’s say you bought $1,500 worth of Bitconnect and you lent that, you would receive the standard daily interest rate plus an extra 0.10% daily interest rate as a bonus. For this investment you will only have to wait 239 days to get your initial deposit back.

Mining and Trading on the Exchange – Additional Forms of Income

Besides Lending and staking, you can also earn money in Bitconnect in other ways as well.

Just like virtually all other cryptocurrencies, Bitconnect can be mined. For those of you familiar with mining, you get a block reward for helping to confirm network transactions. It is the same thing here.

Bitconnect can also be traded on the Bitconnect exchange as well as other compatible exchanges. Just like other cryptocurrencies and asset classes, it’s price fluctuates based on buy and sell orders. Some people like to trade these price fluctuations in order to profit – Buying low and selling high.

So whether you are a long term investor, buy and hold trader, day trader, miner, staker, or lender, you can profit from Bitconnect in any or all of these ways. This is why I called Bitconnect “an all-in-one income-generating investment vehicle” earlier.

An example of how you can turn $300 into $200k+ in just 4 years

So above I’ve presented you with all of the different ways that you can earn money investing in Bitconnect (BCC). Now, I am going to show you some math on just how powerful an investment vehicle it is.

Keep in mind that how much you invest is up to you and how much you can potentially make is your choice as well. For illustration purposes, I used a $300 initial Investment as my example.

Watch this video to see the math in action:

How to start earning now

So if you’ve liked what I showed you and want to start earning yourself. Here’s how to get started:

1st, sign up by clicking the link below:

Once you create an account, you can log into your back office.

From there, you are going to want to deposit bitcoin. Once you deposit bitcoin into your Bitconnect BTC wallet, you can exchange it for Bitconnect coins (BCC).

You can then choose how much you want to lend and lend it out.

After that, you just collect your interest payment each day and watch the value grow.

Refer your Friends an earn even more

As if there wan’t already enough ways to earn money from Bitconnect, I forgot to mention that Bitconnect is also an affiliate program. For instance, for everyone you personally refer that buys bitconnect coins and lends them out, you will get a referral bonus of 5% of the amount they lend instantly. All they have to do is sign up under your link. The program also pays through 7 levels so you can earn even more as they refer people and those people refer people.