I know sin is bad but why is it really?

Today I’d like to reflect on that question and provide my opinion to you

Why is it wrong to sin?

Virtually every religion teaches that you need to follow the bible meaning everyone should avoid sinning at all costs, but have you ever wondered why it’s wrong to sin?

What makes it bad?

This is the question I would like to touch on. Being I’m a thinker, being told not to do something is one thing, but to actually understand why, re-iterates that. Today, we live in a very “liberal” society. The “traditional” ways of old have long gone out the window. In a world like ours today, people may wonder “what does it really matter if I sin”? In fact, many of these people may feel like God’s just being a “jerk”…

Why do we feel drawn to sin?

I, probably just like most of you, am in this same boat…

It actually takes a great amount of work not to sin. It takes an endless amount of patience and self control as well. I am the type of person that finds it extremely hard to retain this kind of self control, especially in a world like today when everyone else is doing it.

If everyone else is doing it, is it still bad?

The answer to this question is yes. As unlikely as it seems, I think most of us need to accept the fact that “numbers” can indeed lie. Have you ever heard the expression, “It can’t be wrong if everyone else is doing it”? That couldn’t be further from the truth.

There was a time when virtually everyone on the planet believed that the Earth was flat, there were entire populations of people who burned themselves alive in a building believing that it was the way to get to heaven, also there have been numerous occassions that the general majority of people have been “bamboozled” by “smooth-talking” presidential candidates. The list goes on and on, proving that throughout history, there have been times when virtually everyone has been wrong on particular topics.

Today, that trend continues. You’ll see what I mean when you read on. It took me a long time to realize that just because someone’s doing something differently than everyone else, it doesn’t mean that they are wrong…

It is in fact entirely possible for one person to be right, and everyone else to be wrong…yes, it does happen. I think the first thing people need to do is accept this fact. In doing so, I want to say that no one should be afraid to be different. Just be yourself. We live in a “world” that teaches people if you’re not doing what everyone else is doing, than something is wrong with you. I can honestly tell you, that is entirely untrue.

What does the “world” teach

okay, so…what then does the mass population of society (also referred to as the “world”) teach?

I dont know about you, but to me, society teaches that we need to go to school, get a good job, get married, have kids, and then teach them how to do the same thing. Now, for that in itself, I’d have to agree. This is not bad and certainly not a sin. That is in fact what life is all about. It’s the things that’s in between though that I feel has become corrupted.

Society has changed since history. If you look at the earlier years of American civilization, There were quite simply more “social” rules. Back in Jesus’ time and for many years after, a woman would get “stoned” to death for “cheating” on her husband. If you look at today’s society, women do it all the time. Now do I believe in the “stoning” part…well hell no…but it doesn’t mean that women should cheat…and I’ll say why later (and yes, men shouldn’t cheat on their wives either, ladies…it works two ways).

For the most part, the above thing was just one example of ways in which the “world” has become more liberal. Abortions were legalized, birth control/contraception came into existence, divorce became more readily accepted, etc. There are many more ways that the world has become more “liberal”. This is only a minute tip of a huge iceburg.

What does the bible teach are sins?

Okay, here we go…Into the “nitty gritty”. So how is the bible’s teaching different from the world’s teachings? Well, sadly to say, that gap is getting bigger and bigger every decade. Well let’s focus only on the things God said directly. Here’s just a few things Jesus described clearly as sins that is highly common today: adultry, fornication, doing any work on sundays (the sabbath) (see my other post here), murder, gluttany, etc.

Now here’s a list of some of the ones I’d like to analyze:









Okay, let’s stop there…As you notice I’ve left most of the obvious sins out. Well murder may be an obvious one, but not in the way I’m going to refer to it. Did you know that abortion, and suicide are forms of murder?

What’s the REAL reason God doesn’t want us to sin?

I know that many people who aren’t religious probably look at God as some sort of “authority figure” with too many rules. They probably see God as a guy trying to spoil all the fun. Well…now I’m going to tell you the truth. The real reason he doesn’t want us to sin is actually for our satisfaction, not his.

Every sin hurts either ourselves, other people, or both

This, in itself, is the answer to the question. This is why God doesn’t want us to sin. So if you felt he was a “jerk” before, how do you feel about him now? In reality he doesn’t want us to sin because he cares about us. Sins are sins just for that reason, it hurts ourselves and other people. That’s why it’s a sin…Plain and simple. See, it’s because he loves us that he is the way he is. If you’ve ever been a parent, than you will understand that rules and discipline are important for survival even if the toddler doesn’t understand.

Don’t believe me? Well let’s take a look at the above sins and add in our little equation:

murder (abortion):

How it hurts us: usually a life of regret and a girl wishing she could take it back

How it hurts others: Baby never even has a chance at life, may also hurt father or other family members


How it hurts us: may get pregnant with someone else’s child, may lead to divorce if partner finds out, may cause turmoil if partner suspects, etc

How it hurts others: loss of loved one in divorce situations, may harm children emotionally, may lead to intense family fueds, etc

fornication (sex before marriage):

How it hurts ourselves: may lead to having kids before ready, which may ultimately lead to a difficult life (giving up dreams, etc), may lead to STDs, If using birth control, many contraceptives can cause loss of fertilization in the long run (meaning you’ll never be able to have children) and may cause other severe health issues

How it hurts others: may lead partner to having kids before ready, which may ultimately lead to a difficult life (giving up dreams, etc), may lead to STDs, If using birth control, many contraceptives can cause loss of fertilization in the long run (meaning they’ll never be able to have children) and may cause them other severe health and emotional issues

smoking (Didn’t know smoking was a sin? It falls under the sin of gluttany – see description below):

How it hurts yourself: Causes cancer, heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and other health problems that lead to death

How it hurts others: Have you heard the term “second-hand smoke kills”? Well it’s true. My grandmother never smoked a cigarette in her life, but my grandfather smoked all the time. To make a long story short, she died of lung cancer before I was even born.

Description of Gluttany:
Gluttany does not just apply to "over-eating". It actually means "taking more of
something than you need". It goes hand-and-hand with greed. Drugs, alcohol,
smoking, hallucinogens, and things of that nature all apply to gluttany, along
with many others. Because of the fact that the above things are done strictly for you to feel good and no other reason, they are selfish acts and fall under two of
the seven deadly sins: greed and gluttany.


How it hurts ourselves: killing brain cells (you know why you feel the way you do when you have a hangover? It’s because your brain is dehydrated. When your body metabolizes alcohol, the outcome is a chemical compound called acetaldehyde, which is toxic to brain cells. Other health problems caused by alcohol intake are dementia, depression, seizures, liver disease, and cancer just to name a few.

How it hurts others: drinking and driving kills people, leads to more aggressive behavior which can typically harm others, such as fights, etc


How it hurts ourselves: Depending on what drugs you take, there are a list of common health problems that you can develop from them…each drug has different long-term problems it creates, but each is just as bad. For instance a common long term effect of marijuana is immune system damage, a common long term effect of ecstacy is schizophrenia, and a common long term effect or cocaine is Parkinson’s Disease.

How it hurts others: Like alcohol, drugs affect a person’s behavior which can lead them to do things that can harm other people

gambling (Didn’t know gambling was a sin? It falls under the deadly sin of greed and gluttany):

How it hurts ourselves: get addicted and spend money leading to possible inabilities to pay other bills, which can lead to bigger problems like losing a home, takes up all your time so you cant do other things, etc

How it hurts others: If you’re winning it means other people losing. Because of you, they might not be able to pay THEIR bills which can lead them to bigger problems such as ultimately losing their house or home


How it hurts ourselves: As a prostitute (or other sex worker such as a escort, stripper, film producer, etc), can lead to drug abuse, lack of sleep, STDs, loss of friends, arrest, and a sleuth of other health and social problems

How it hurts others:  As a “john”, it can damage a relationship, can lead to STDs and other health risks, can lead to financial loss, arrest, etc.

…and that’s just a few sins

but I think you get my drift!


So the “moral of the story” is that God has labeled what are and aren’t sins in order to protect US. So before you go getting mad, see it for what it truly is. He doesn’t want us to sin because he loves us. Every single sin leads to some form of loss, despair, and/or ultimately death. I know it’s harder to avoid sin, especially the ones the “world” suggests is not “bad”, but in the end, the most important person you’ll be saving is YOU. Avoiding sin may be difficult, but you will have a happy and prosperous life on earth and in heaven vs. an eternity of misery, death, and destruction…I’d say that’s a fair trade!


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