Forbidden Love – An AR ≠ BC Tribute – Full Compilation

So this post is slightly different than my other music-related ones.

Have you ever had one person that your “world” revolved around for a portion of your life? That one person that you couldn’t live without, but somehow you had to…

Today I’ve been reminiscing about a past relationship…this post is the final installment of that. This is my way of finally bringing closure to a relationship or “love” in my opinion that never really faded…i’m not sure…

We met 10 years ago today. Okay maybe it wasn’t exactly today but it was roughly 10 years ago. Our relationship was crazy…we were like two magnets longing to connect but never really was able to…it was us against the world at times it seemed…it was us against ourselves…our love…I believe was real…but it was not enough…we spent one year together, broke up for the first time because of her dad…got back together a year and a half later and broke up after 6 months after discussing marriage…although the time actually spent together may seem relatively short, I feel like I had been with her a lifetime…for the longest time, she’s all I thought about…and the only girl I wanted…today, after a 6 year hiatus of us ignoring eachother (or moreso me ignoring her…out of fear if you must know), we’re finally talking again and I’m happy. She has a bf…he seems like a good guy. I’m happy for her…I’m not sure if I ever gave her the proper closure though…I dont think calling her every cuss word in the book and then leaving and ignoring her for over 6 years was proper closure…for either of us…so Alyssa, if you’re reading this…here it is…this is the last CD I will ever dedicate to you…I believe that music tells a story…and this is a story about two people whose love was almost destined to be forbidden…the truest love is letting go…I already had in the past, but this time, I let go and accept who you are…no more hard feelings…no more…This mix CD tells our story…In my opinion nothing tells a story like music…so here it is…let it be a memory when a memory is needed.

To download, Right-Click on this link and choose “Save As”


When September Ends – Green Day

Savin’ Me – Nickelback

Ocean Avenue – Yellowcard

If you’re not the one – Daniel Bedingfield

I Hate Everything about you – 3 Days Grace

Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green day

Far Away – Nickelback

Only One – Yellowcard