How much does incompatibility matter and how can it affect your life?

Today I would like to write about how incompatibility can affect our life

Definition of Incompatibility

So what type of incompatibility am I referring to?

There are many types of incompatibilities…I can be incompatible with my girlfriend or significant other, I can be incompatible with a certain type of food, I can be incompatible with a certain method of doing something, or a multitude of other things.

There are many types of incompatibilities and this article will not focus on anything in specific

Avoiding things in your life you’re incompatible with will make your life a LOT easier

This is the argument that I would like to focus on in this article.

Let me ask you this…

Have you ever had a girlfriend or boyfriend that didn’t “work out”? No matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t make it work. Maybe they tried hard as well but had the same result. If you’re the one that did the “breaking up” you may have even used the “compatibility” clause as your reason. “We’re just not compatible” you may have said to the other person. Sometimes you even may have developed feelings for that person or been in Love with them, but even that wasn’t enough to break the “compatibility” curse. No matter what you or the other person did…you just weren’t compatible…and nothing could ever change that.

Sound familiar?

So here’s my proposed fix…

Why even waste your time trying? Avoid getting into that relationship all together. Notice the signs from the beginning and listen to your “natural” instincts.

I feel that far too many people “settle” for the wrong person because either they’re not patient enough or they’re scared that they’ll never find the right person.

Even though it’s hard, I’m here to say…Wait! You’ll be glad you did.

Take your time…and choose wisely.

What if I’m forced to stay in a situation

So here’s where things get tricky.

What if you’re in a situation with which you’re incompatible but you really don’t have a choice in the matter?

Let me give you an example…

The Story of the Bad Professor

I’m going to call this the story of the Bad professor

I am currently enrolled in 4 college courses this semester at my local college.

All of the classes I’m taking this semester are online classes as opposed to traditional classroom learning.

My college uses a system called Desire to Learn. D2L as it’s called for short is the platform in which I read assignments for the week, participate in class discussion boards, and submit written assignments through the dropbox to my teacher. Basically, what the classroom is to “traditional” learning is what D2L is to Online learning at my school.

Most online classes operate the same. Each week, New assignments are posted. These assignments usually consist of reading a chapter out of the book, taking the corresponding online quiz, answering questions on the discussion board for that week, and submitting any typed written assignments that may be due through the dropbox. Online learning usually provides a flexible atmosphere and most classes allow you to work on your own time as long as all assignments are completed by the end of that week.

This semester however, I took a political science class with a teacher who does things a bit differently…although some of what I am going to tell you may seem relatively minor at first, the incompatibility between the way I feel comfortable doing things and the way the professor wants to do things is creating dire problems for me.

So what does this professor “from hell” do differently?

Well, for starters, he divides the week’s work up so that assignments must be completed by certain days. The first discussion question must be done between Monday and Tuesday, the second discussion question between Wednesday and Thursday and the Quiz can only be taken between Friday and Sunday.

Doesn’t sound like a huge problem right?

Well let me tell you why it is…

First off, I want to say that I am a “straight A” student with the exception of occasional Bs. I apply myself really hard in my classes, make sure to stay on top of the work, and usually do really well on tests. I do however have a short term memory problem that makes it hard for me to retain certain information for long periods. So what does this equate to?

Well in the other 3 online classes I’m taking this semester, I usually read the book, do the discussion questions, and submit the current week’s assignments within the same “block” of days that week. I am doing really well in these classes and maintaining high grades. My Political Science class on the other hand is suffering.

Because I have to complete the first discussion topic no later than Tuesday of that week, this forces me to read the current week’s chapter of my text book early in the week. I then log back in on Wednesday or Thursday to answer discussion question two. However because I have to wait until Friday Night after 8pm before I can even take the quiz, so much time has already passed that I cant remember what James Madison said in Federalist Paper #39 or which countries have a Unitarian form of Government, even though when the information was fresh, I knew this like the “back of my hand”.

On my last test I ended up receiving a 47% (F)…and on the test before I had a 67% (D-)

On my first test I managed to get 100% though. How did I do this? Simple. I didn’t understand my a**hole professor’s policy at the time and waited until Friday to read the book, so I ended up getting 100% on the Quiz…however I got an F (0%) for both discussion topics for that week because I failed to complete them by the required deadline.

So as you can see, my professor’s method of doing things is extremely incompatible with my ideal way of doing things, and I am suffering for it greatly.

So what can I do about it?

Well, It’s too late in the semester to just drop the class and I need it to graduate so that’s out of the question, however if I stay in the class I risk flunking.

I already spoke to my professor several times regarding my problems, however he does not want to change the way he does things…

so in short, I’m just “screwed”!

Compatibility can greatly affect your life

So going back to our discussion about compatibility, as you can see, there are many areas in our life with which compatibility issues can affect us and our best bet for success is to try to “keep our feet” in things that we’re compatible with.

I am a great student to most teachers and usually get good grades in any subject I apply myself, therefore I should do just as good in Political Science as I can in any other subject, however I risk flunking out of my political science class this semester.

This is not because I don’t know the material, or because the material is any harder than that of my other classes…NO…I risk flunking out because of how incompatible my professor’s way of teaching is with me.

Does this really reflect how good of a student I am?

…Not at all.

Do you now see how important “compatibility” is…not just in the classroom, but everywhere in our life

So next time, you think about settling for the wrong “significant other”, eating the food that gives you a stomach ache, or you take a job with a company who you don’t fare well with, remember what we talked about in this article.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve! That’s my advice.