Scientists, Doctors, and our Government are much more ignorant than you think!!!

Yes, Just as the title suggests, one of the most detrimental problems in the world today is ignorance!

We all know that people can be foolish, ignorant, or careless about certain things…such as things our friends or peers may unconsciously do

What many of us probably dont know is that this also includes many “professionals” who claim to be knowledgeable and “fail-proof” in their fields

Myths about the so-called “Professional”

So where do I start?

I do respect and give “professionals” such as doctors or engineers tons of credit for the many years of schooling they endure, countless tests and government regulations they adhere too, as well as the time they dedicated to fulfilling their internship requirements…


one fact remains…

They are not God when it comes to their professions…

and like the rest of us, they are severely prone to “human error”

Myths of the Medical Profession

I want to start by saying that it is true…doctors and hospitals do save a lot of lives every day…and for that I am thankful

…but each day, they also “take” a lot of lives

what do I mean?

Let me explain.

When we have a condition that impairs our physical or emotional function, we see the doctor and expect that the doctor with all his/her knowledge and education, will prescribe a cure for our health problem

It is typical for many of us to sit in the doctor’s office, explain our symptoms, let the doctors run some tests, and follow whatever treatment he or she prescribes to us (including swallowing whatever pill they tell us too)

…and most of us do this without question

What we don’t realize

What we dont realize when it comes to the above scenario I just described is this:

We don’t consider certain facts.

When we explain our symptoms to the doctor do we consider that he or she might misdiagnose us?

Almost every physical or mental impairment known to man has at least 3-5 other conditions that display the same symptoms…and each of these other conditions usually require very different types of treatments…some of the treatments for one condition might make another condition with similar symptoms worse…

so what about tests right?

After all, Doctors use tests to confirm these unforseen things right?

The problem here is that doctors usually dont have enough tests available to them to find the true cause of a problem. Perhaps though, the most severe problem, believe it or not, is that TESTS are sometimes a catalyst that can lead to other health problems that one may not have even had before.

When my Dad had kidney stones a urologist probed his penis with a cystoscope. Even though the test did not have any effect in determining the cause of his condition, it did manage to lead to other problems he didnt have before, such as impotence. The part that concerns me the most is that if the “almighty doctor” had just performed an ultrasound first, they would have seen the true cause of the problem and my dad would still have his penile function.

Now let’s talk about the science of “neurology”. Again, I really admire the effort and discipline put forth by Doctors who become Neurologists, but to even think that a human can understand the complexity of the mind and how it functions, in itself, is crazy! No human being can completely understand the complexity of the human mind even if they studied from the time they were born to the time they died.


Doctors manage to convince the public that they know.

They categorize “problems” of the human mind and label it things such as panic attacks, ADHD, bipolor disorder, and depression.

…and then to top it off, they create very harmful “brain” medications and prescribe it as a therapy, without considering what other types of problems these medications might cause.

My example:

When I was 20, I got into a car accident. I got “side-swiped” by a car next to me on the freeway which was trying to merge into my lane. Apparently, the driver didn’t see me. I lost control of my vehicle, and my car “spun out” in the middle of the freeway, going about 50-60 miles per hour. Although I walked away without any physical scratches, after the accident, I developed bouts of panic episodes in certain situations when I would drive.

Naturally, I went to see my doctor. I Described my symptoms to him in his office that day, and after a few minutes he diagnosed me with Panic attacks. He then wrote me out a prescription for Paxil and I left his office.

I was on Paxil for about 7 years after that. When I first started it, I was given a low dosage, but by the time I quit, I was taking a decent amount of mg because my bright young doctor decided to increase the dosage every year, as suggested by medical research.

Although it did manage to reduce my panic attacks somewhat, it created many other problems for me. Paxil impairs your judgement. There are many side effects with “brain” medications. Almost 7 years of my life is a “blank slate” today. I have difficulty remembering these years because of the medication I was on and the effect it had on my brain.

Am I mad about the side effects? well…not as mad as I am at my doctor. Im mad because he didnt educate me to the drug and tell me all the possible complications before prescribing it. He also didnt tell me how it worked or how it would correct my Panic attacks…Nope…He just prescribed it as if it was raisins.

If you’ve ever considered lasik eye surgery or laser tattoo or hair removal, you know that you cant even get seen unless you have a detailed consultation first. In this consultation, they lay out all the risks and factors pertaining to your treatment…

…but this is not the case when t comes to powerful “brain medications” that can significantly alter your life…

…the funny part is that even when you ask questions, usually doctors don’t know enough about certain drugs to give you an accurate response…

…and these are the guys we’re trusting our health to?

The food industry

Okay, let’s look at another industry run on ignorance.

So the FDA monitors food manufacturers and sets strict limits on whats allowed and not allowed in our food products, so we’re safe right?

(Laughs loudly)

That’s what you think.

Did you know that many foods and drug supplements arent even regulated by the FDA, and many times the things that are aren’t even monitored thoroughly.

There are hundreds if not thousands of additives that manufacturers put into our food that are EXTREMELY HARMFUL to our bodies…yet they put it in nearly everything every day

These chemicals act as toxins. Even if they are in small doses, if eaten frequently over time, they can lead to serious health risks such as cancer, heart complications, and diseases of the nervous system.

BHT for instance can be found in almost every cereal box you buy (as well as many other things). It is commonly used as a preservative in many foods. Besides being in food, it can also be bought in a container at home depot marked “poison – Do not ingest”. BHT is one of the main chemicals used to make embalming fluid, Jet fuel, and cosmetics.

So if this ingredient is so harmful than why the hell do manufacturers put it in our food?

Well the answer is simple…as with almost everything in America, Their profits are more important than your health. Another example to explain this is Ephedrin. Ephedrin, an old magic weight loss supplement, was pulled off the market because a few people overdosed on it (even though the labels warned against it), however cigarettes which have already killed millions of people, are still legal…why? Because the greedy cigarette industry pays the greedy politicians to allow it…

…and these are the people we trust our health to?

So back the topic at hand…Manufacturers use BHT because they feel that these manufacured products will have a longer shelf life, therefore their profits will be higher. They also feel that the doses in these foods are so low, that it will not present any serious health risks…at least right away. Therefore, in their mind, the benefit far outweighs the cost. The food manufacturer and Government politicians care more about driving their ferraris than about your health.

BHT is just one of thousands of harmful chemicals in our food that is known to cause cancer and other health concerns…

but yet most people blindly go into a grocery store and put foods into their shopping cart thinking that the FDA has “their back”. Think again.

Other industries

I can go on and on, but for the sake of this article, Id like to keep things short

Almost every “classified” system in corporate America is corrupted in some way.

Why? Well, for a number of reasons…”classification” itself is a problem. People are very different. Everybody’s body reacts to things differently, and every case is different.

I do not feel I need to go too far into the “injustices” that Americans have faced by biased policies of the Government or by greedy corporations. I think history explains that for itself.

I’ve only mentioned two ignorant social practices in this article (the field of medicine and food manufacturers), but know that nearly everything from what kind of chemical you dye your hair with to what kind of bed you sleep on may be the difference between life and death because of chemicals that are added to these things, that most people dont even realize.

The Moral of the Story

The biggest point that I hope to make in this article is this:

Don’t just take somebody else’s word for something when it comes to your own life, even if they are a so-called “professional” or “expert” in their field

If a doctor prescribes a drug to you, dont just rush in and take it. Do your own research, weigh the benefits along with the risks, and decide if its something that is safe.

Dont just settle for asking your doctor these questions either…They are not God (even if they act like they are). Many times doctors and other “professionals” are wrong or give false information, so dont just take their word for it. Do your own research as well.

As for the other things to be weary of, as I said before, doctors are only the beginning.

Next time you’re in the store, take time to read the labels before you put food in your shopping cart. “Google” the ingredients on your mobile device if you dont know what they are and weigh the health risks. You’ll be surprised at what you find.

If something has more ingredients than it seems like it needs, its probably bad for you. For instance if you’re buying frosted shredded wheat cereal, the ingredients should be wheat and sugar. If the box lists that with 50 other chemicals, than something’s probably wrong. Yes, many cereals add vitamins and minerals, but what else are they adding? The good news is that usually there is always an “all-natural” version to most foods. For instance, there’s a cereal by Mom’s Best that makes an “all-natural” organic version of Frosted Mini Wheats without all the harmful chemicals. If something is all-natural, its usually a lot safer than things with a bunch of “man-made” chemical additives. God designed us to ingest things he created in nature…man came around later and decided to try to change that design. Whose design do you trust more? A perfect God’s or an imperfect Man’s (prone to tons of mistakes). I certainly hope you pick the smarter choice.

So once again to wrap up…keep yourself safe.

Dont believe what ANYONE tells you without first doing your own research.

If you feel that what someone is recommending is not safe, you have the right to refuse…no matter who they are…”professional” or not.

Id also recommend not putting anything on or into your body that can potentially damage it. Your body is a “Temple”. Treat it as such…