Prayer – Middle East slaughter of Innocents this past week!

Hey Everyone, This is a Poem my Fiance, Coral wrote regarding the awful things that have gone on in the Middle East this past week:


In the darkness my head I lay to reddy grit of bodily dust and decay
In the dark I hear the screams of others my age 
and the sound of metal and fleshly tearings, 
thunders of machinery.
In the dark, the unseen tears
Where is papa, mama, 
I lay my head down and they are there.
In the dust and in the sand
That was deemed by the divine 
the pristine promised land.
What once was gold is now cold,
shells outnumber its grains
People say I am a child but I don’t know what I am
I am treated like an animal
Bullets have killed my imagination.
Where have my blessings gone,
Where are my rights?
People go to sleep tonight without fear of loss,
of wars, death and fights.
There is a prayer for children
Now I lay me down to sleep
But the sandmans home is here,
yet my eyes are forever open.
Open in the day
Open in the dark
Ears tuned as well.
I am not safe inside
I am not safe without.
I am not safe with adults
I am not safe within a hospital.
Where is there for me to go
But the sands that shift and blow.
I look at my future
How can it be but the ground?
My cheeks scrape against my present and my future.
Where is the hope that others have
It seems to exist in long away far off lands.
Who can help me
Where is hope
Adults they join the reddy grit that is my bed
In defense of me
How could I be that important?
Hate so foreign yet so familiar
I do not understand but hate the hatred
Hate the sounds of rockets
Hate the screams
Hate the lack of sleep
Hate not knowing sweet sweet dreams
Hate the babblings
Hate that hate this
Maybe if I join the nightmare
It will take care of all of this.
I do not know what the future brings
I cant see past my present and past
Things I have been through glanced upon a tv screen.
Yet only known by those who have gone through this nightmare too.
Ruby covered golden land,
What’s the secret to making you gold once again?
This is the land of promise
Yet the only thing that grows is the sand and dust
Why cant the sacred bloody red
Give life to something just?
Can prayers that build spiritual altars please build a new Jerusalem
for all children, mocha or olive hued such as us?

Coral's Poem for Israel - 1  To all the innocents who Perished, May you Rest in Peace with our Heavenly Father