How Can I Love Them when… by Brandon Chai

How can I possibly love them when
they made me believe they were better than me
they made fun of me in school
they made me feel like I couldnt do anything right
they laughed at me and teased me
they made me feel worthless
they caused me to do things that I didnt want to do
they made me feel that I needed to be like them…and when I was, it damaged me
they bullied me into submission
they pretended they loved me but in the end they didnt care
they betrayed me when I needed them the most
they caused damage to my body
they destroyed my mind
they made me afraid to be myself
they acted like they knew it all when really they knew nothing
they prevented me from a successful life

How can he love us when
we took everything he said for granted
we pushed his word aside
we tried to trap him
we belittled him
we sinned against his Father
we ripped him from his mother
we tortured him with thorns
we whipped him and bled him
we made him carry his own death device
we whipped him when he was down
we laughed at him, but pretended we cared when we needed something from him
we betrayed him when he needed us the most
we ruin every chance he gives us

…but he still loves us
…if he can
…then so too can I love

How Can I Love Them?
by Brandon Chai