The Harmony of God in our Lives

Proof and Inspiration

I just got done watching a Great Movie called “Twist of Faith” on Netflix. It was about a young Orthodox Jewish Man, named Jacob who starts the movie with a family of four – A Wife and three children. One day, his Wife and kids get on a bus and they are all brutally murdered by another crazed passenger. Distraught and broken, Jacob takes nothing but the clothes on his back and goes on a roadtrip to…to wherever he ends up. After miles of traveling into the oblivion, he ended up in a “backwoods” town in Alabama and eventually obtains a new home with a compassionate church-going family, who decides to takes him in. One day some robbers try to loot those peoples’ church and Jacob comes to the rescue and protects the Church and his new friends from harm. Eventually the Single mother who took him in and her son start to become his new family and they eventually grow to love eachother. Even though, he tries to deny his feelings for them and return home to his old life, soon after, he realizes that his true place was back with them, in this random “back-woods” town in Alabama. After spending enough time with these people, by the end of the movie, he eventually becomes a part of this family himself and decides to spend the rest of his life with this beautiful single woman who he is now in love with and her son, whom he had deeply grown attached to.

Things like this happen every day. So lets take a closer look at the hidden meaning behind it. Can You see God at work?

Have You ever had something happen in your life and you didn’t understand why…only to see that God had another plan for you all along?

God has a Plan

If you investigate the things that may have happened in your own life, we can see that there is a “harmony” to the way God works in each of our lives.

If we look at the movie “Twist of Faith” as an example, we can be empathetic toward Jacob and what happened to his “first” family. Could you imagine what it would be like to be married and in Love, have three beautiful children and a happy home, and then one day, because your family chooses to get on the wrong bus, having everything ripped away from you in a split second?

What would you have done? Would you have just “broke” like Jacob did. Would you be like a dead man walking…legs going wherever it decides with your mind not concerned about what your legs are doing?

I had a similar story in my own life. When I was 24, I lost the girl I thought I was meant to spend my life with. Even worse though is that my daughter from another relationship was being ripped away from me as well…and at the same time. I lost the only the girl I was in Love with, but I was also losing my child. I couldn’t deal with the pain, so I too did something similar to what Jacob did.

In the bottom of my Heart although I was distraught, I had this feeling that my Life wasn’t over. I knew God had a plan for me, so one day I took out a map of the United States, sprawled it on my bedroom floor, closed my eyes, and flipped a pen on it. I told myself that I would let the pen decide where I was to go. Wherever the tip of the pen pointed would be my destination. The tip ended up landing on Fort Worth, TX, so a few months later, I packed my car, said goodbye to my family and started the long trek to Texas.

If we fast forward to the present, today, I have found my true Soul Mate. Today, I am also stronger spiritually and mentally than I have ever been. Although I didn’t understand God’s Plan at the time, today it becomes obvious. God has made me a better person and has improved my life because of those difficult sacrifices I had to make before.

If we go back to the movie “Twist of Faith” again, we can also see by the end of it that God also had a plan for Jacob even when he thought everything was gone.

If Jacob never ended up in that backwoods town in Alabama, and met the family that he did, who would have protected those peoples’ Church from the robbers. Nobody would have been there to know what was going on.

If Jacob also never ended up in that town and met the family that he did, who would have helped pull him out of his “funk”?

Was it God’s plan before his journey even started to meet the people he did and form a mutual beneficial relationship that would eventually give him back what he lost?

I’d say so.

“Un-predetermined” Destiny through a Series of Events

So what do I mean by “un-predetermined” destiny? Well, according to Webster’s dictionary, Destiny is described as “A predetermined course of events”. So why then do I believe that true Destiny in this world is NOT pre-determined. Well there is a simple formula that changes the whole equation: Free Will. God gave us all the power to choose our own path. He does not decide it for us. What he does do however is “pave” the best route for us and try to lead us down that route.

What do I mean?

Well, lets go back to the movie again and see how things may have been different.

After his family got killed, what would have happened if Jacob simply went home and turned a gun on himself to end his pain? He was fully capable of doing that wasn’t he?…after all, God gave us free will.

We can see by the end of the movie that God had a plan for Jacob to restore his Life to him and we can see how God was trying to lead Jacob down that path. However, Jacob did not have to follow it. It was his choice.

This is how there can still be “Destiny” but at the same time how it can remain “un-determined”.

The Signs of Life

Ever since God saved me, I have always been big on teaching people how God communicates with each of us.

When we pray, some of us may be fortunate enough to simply hear God’s voice and communicate with God the same way two people communicate in the grocery store. If that is you, then more power to you. But even if we cant directly hear God’s voice, it doesn’t mean that we cant figure out what he is trying to tell us.

As I said earlier on, we can see that God always has a plan for us and tries to lead us down the correct road no matter what direction our life takes. We can also see that many times, it is through a chain of events (Harmony of God) that this is done. If God has the ultimate goal of wanting an American to cure a boy’s deadly disease halfway around the world, the first step would be that God would have to lead this man into finding the cure, then the man would have to get on a plane, and eventually he would have to cross paths with the sick boy. Many times God also has a double-sided plan. Maybe he knows the boy needs curing but maybe the man who cures him also needs proof that the cure works so other people can use it and now God is giving him that chance. Can you see the Harmony? It’s beautiful isnt it?

So how do we follow what God is asking us to do in the first place. How do we know what that is?

Well for starters, I believe that from the time we are born, God puts an “internal compass” in all of us. This compass (or as some people call it, a “conscience”), is the first thing that keeps us on track with God’s plan.

So simply by following what your “heart/soul” tells you and not necessarily what your mind tells you is the majority of the battle of staying on God’s course.

But then there’s more…

God also sends us signs all along the way to remind us and to guide us back to the right course if we’ve wondered off too far.

Has anything ever happened in your life, such as getting something when you needed it the most or learning something when you couldn’t figure out the answer? Did the event seem almost too coincidental to simply say that it must have been a coincidence? Did it almost seem divine?

I’m here to say that perhaps it was God speaking.

If your wife just filed for divorce and you turn on your car radio and all of a sudden a song plays giving you advice on how to handle a divorce, that’s no coincidence.

If you cant figure out where you’re meant to go and you turn and pass three billboards on the freeway all mentioning San Diego, is it a coincidence…I think not.

Or what if you need help with something you can’t do without a person from your past, and then all of a sudden, you get a call out of the blue from that same person after not speaking for over 10 years…coincidence…I think not.

All of these are examples of the signs God sends us on a daily basis.

…and the more Faith we have and the more we understand God, the more intuned we can get to what he is trying to say and where he is trying to lead us.

…so if you’re having a difficult time in your life right now or have just faced the worst hardship you’ve ever experienced, before getting mad at God and throwing down your Faith, stop and listen to what God is trying to tell You. He walks by our side through even the most grimm pit and just like all of the other people who have experienced his grace, he will create the most beautiful harmonic song in your life too, if you just follow the notes.