Prayer of Brandon Chai

Dear Father in Heaven and to Jesus my Savior, my God, and my Best friend,

In all humility I come before you now
You are my Rock and my Shield
and you shall be my sword in this fight
this fight we call life

I am fighting this battle for you
I fight for you because I fight for others
I fight for my Wife, for her attorney, for the judge, and for all those who need salvation
My parents take up the gauntlet with me

This battle is debilitating
several times I almost lost my Faith
not just in my Wife or in others, but at times, I have also lost Faith in you, My God
and although my own humanity is no excuse, I say that I do not want to quit

so although we may get weak at times, we continue to take up our Gauntlet
We are being attacked
we cannot dismount my Wife’s knight from his horse
and my wife’s salvation seems futile
but here we still stand and fight

In the past many brave warriors have ran into battles which they know they cannot win
…because they believed the cause should be oppossed
people are wrong…
…and these brave warriors gave up their lives to try to right a wrong that maybe on Earth, could not be righted
should I believe this?
Are some sins impossible to overcome on Earth
or will the truth truly set you free?
if it does set you free are you talking about in Earth or in Heaven?

If I continue to fight this fight now…
…if my Parents endure it with me…
…will you Our God watch over us?
will you fight with us?

can we win this fight…and if so, what is winning?
I think you’ve explained that to me before
Is my Marriage truly ended or is this leading up to a new beginning?
are we truly defeated or is there hope with this judge
can the delta force be beaten?

alhough I may have questions…
we continue to take up the gauntlet
…the gauntlet of Faith
I pray you fight with us Oh God
because We NEED YOU!