God who? – A Vision of a Bleak Future


Although I have had a communicative relationship with Jesus for years now, I had never considered myself a “visionary”, but a dream I had several months ago was so vivid and so real that I refuse to call it anything but a vision. Below is my detailed account (to the best of my current memory) of that Vision.


My vision started inside what looked like a huge “biodome”. I was standing on the 1st floor of what seemed to be the central commerce area of a humongous structure. I looked up and was surrounded by what looked like an apartment community that was all around me and many stories high. It almost looked to me like a large luxury hotel, similar to ones I’ve seen in my life, however, this structure was much larger. In the middle of the “biodome” there appeared to be something like a “shopping center/mall”. This apparently is where everybody did all their shopping. This also seemed to be the source for employment/jobs for many (if not all) of the people who lived here. I started walking around this place. I saw people, both male and female, on each side of me, walking, shopping, working, etc. This 1st Floor “commerce center” seemed to be the hub of this large biodome. I did not know where I was or what I was doing there.


My first stop seemed to be an “information desk”…at least that’s what it looked like to me. There was a large desk toward the center of this commerce center and I saw a person sitting at the desk. It was a caucasian girl who appeared to be in her early to late 20s. Although I don’t recall a sign that read “Information”, it reminded me so much of the Information Desks I’ve seen in shopping malls “back home” that I approached the girl and struck up a conversation. I don’t recall all of the conversation but I remember how clueless I felt. I needed questions answered. What was this place? Who were these people?

The young woman was very friendly. She answered my questions as best as she could. During my conversation, I asked her what the date was. She gave me a month and day. I remember awkwardly asking her what year. She replied “76”. When she said that, I knew that somehow I had “teleported” to this place. It was so real and vivid, that I was there…but yet, I knew, I was still living in another place/time.

“Is that BC or AD?” I asked the girl.

“What?” she replied.

“Is it 76BC or 76AD?” I asked.

“What does BC mean?…or AD?”, she asked.

“You know like “Before Christ”…”or after”, I responded.

“What’s Christ”, she asked?

I was stunned. Was she for real? I remember briefly reiterating my answer by explaining Jesus to her and how time is correlated to before and after his Earthly Ministry.

“I have never heard of any of that” she said.

I was stunned. I couldn’t believe my ears. This girl had been alive for at least 20-30 years and she didn’t know who Jesus was? She never heard of God? However crazy that was, I knew she wasn’t joking. I saw it in her face. She was being serious.

I don’t remember the exact conversation we had after that but I do remember trying to dig deeper into some things I was still confused about. This girl apparently never heard of “BC” or “AD”, so I tried to dig for an explanation and some history of how this place (and time) came to be. She explained to me that 76 years ago, an American Leader (I don’t recall if she said the president or someone else) pushed an agenda to start time anew from the year “1” again. I then realized what happened. I was in the future. At some point in time, the President (or whoever it was) decreed to do away with the BC and AD suffix and virtually “start time over” as simply the year “1”. More questions then filled my mind. What happened in history to cause this? When did it happen?

I politely thanked the girl and left. I was shocked, not just about time being “reset”, but, also by the fact that the knowledge of God did not exist in this world. I began to see that when time was “reset” to drop the BC and AD, it was probably due to an “attack on God”, and now, around 3 generations later, I guess this would be the result (I.E.: a society that removed the knowledge of God from everything, which, in turn, created “kids” that don’t realize who God is nor ever heard of him). At that moment, I recalled some current events going on back in “my time”: How different groups in America were pushing to remove the “(One Nation) under God” part of the National Anthem as well as other traces of God from things this country was founded on. I guess this would be the natural consequence of that. Even though I was highly surprised, I guess I wasn’t as surprised as I could have been.

I continued my journey through this “commerce area”. As I walked, I eventually got to what appeared to be one end of the structure. Directly in front of me was a large booth (almost like a large toll-booth or security guard office as I recalled from “my time”). I stepped inside and saw a girl working there. Like the other person I met, she also appeared to be in her early to late 20s and was caucasion. This girl had something between dark brown and dirty blond hair. There were all kinds of gadgets and gizmos in front of her. It appeared to be a “control box” of some kind. It reminded me of what the head of a train looks like. The girl then went up to the “control box” and pressed a few buttons. Instantly, out of one of the windows in the room, I saw people dancing, only, it was people made out of light, like holograms. The dancers were mostly males and muscular. It reminded me of a movie back in “my time” (I never went to see it but I remember the previews) called Magic Mike XXL. These hologram people and the way they were dancing were similar. They were apparently “performing” a dance on some sort of stage in this commerce center. I remember also seeing a crowd of young people gathered outside near this stage watching the performance. I sat and watched the “dance” myself from the room. It went on for several minutes, and then, when it was over, the girl in the “control room” with me went and pressed buttons on the control unit again and the holograms disappeared. The show was then over.

I stepped back outside and continued my journey through the “commerce center”. My mind was “going about a mile a minute” trying to understand this place. I knew I was in the “future” but I didn’t know how far from my time, since I didn’t actually know when “time actually started over”. It seemed, however, that technology in this “future” consisted of some kind of advanced form of 3D technology. I deduced that people in this time were able to play recordings and things like “movies” using 3D holographic technology. I have to admit to myself, that was kind of cool.

As I walked and looked around at other people in the place, there was something I couldn’t help but notice. Everyone here appeared to be “kids” (I.E: Mostly high teens and early to late 20s). I swear, there didn’t seem to be one person over the age of about 35 I’d say. In fact, being around 35 last time I checked, I’d say I was at the higher end of the spectrum as far as age there goes (if God indeed did “transport” me into this “future” as the same age that I am now (which I felt he had). However, being that I always looked younger than my age due to my “babyface” (as I’ve been told), I guess I blended right in.
So the big question on my mind now was “where were all of the adults?”. As I walked around more, it seemed everything that people needed to live on were right here in this “hub”: There appeared to be food places, medical offices, dental offices, goods and clothing stores, etc.


As I walked further a young man bumped into me on his way to one of the “stores”. He looked to be caucasion and probably in his late 20s. He seemed friendly when he spoke to me. He asked me what I was doing there and I told him that I was looking around. He then told me that I should go with him into that shop. I glanced at the place. It had a sign in the front with what appeared to be words and corresponding prices printed next to it (I do not remember exactly what words were written). I looked back at the young man. He seemed a little “edgy” but appeared to be trying to stay friendly. I didn’t understand exactly what we talked about or how long it lasted, but I remember he told me that he was going into this place to end his life. It’s strange because aside from seeming a little edgy (I can’t think of a better word to describe it…maybe “fidgety”), he seemed like a normal chipper young man. Why was he going into this place to end his life and what was this place? I remember looking back at the “store” and I saw many people entering into it. A few had entered since the time this young man and I started talking. It looked like a “normal shop” to me…something like the dentist or doctor’s office I suppose.

After several minutes of talking, the man left and entered into the shop. I stood in place for several minutes. Indeed people seemed to enter this place like any other store, but I never really saw a lot of people (if any) actually leave. I then realized what it was. Back in “my time”, I remembered hearing about a person by the name of Doctor Kevorkian that backed and performed assisted suicides. Many of the people he did it to were older people suffering from painful or incurable diseases. Therefore, the store I just saw this young man walk into kind of reminded me of that which I had heard about in “my time”, but here, it was different. These people were young. Also many of them didn’t appear to have incurable or painful diseases. So why were they doing it? It then became blatantly clear to me. Given the steady flow of traffic this place had, it seemed that in the “future”, assisted suicide had just become a part of life. It was as common as going to the dentist, going to the doctor, or buying groceries.

I couldn’t help but think to myself “Was this what happened to all the older people?”. Even till today, I still don’t know where all the older people (or anyone over 35 or so) were in this “future”. Maybe they had their own biodome(s). Maybe they all did submit to assisted suicides by “shops” like this place. Maybe they were murdered and the new world order became young people. I don’t know what happened but what I do know is that this place was disgusting.


At that, I awoke out of my vision. I was back in “my time”. I was home. Although it’s been almost 6 months since having this “vision/dream”, I can never forget it. God asked me to write it down which is what I am doing today. However, so many questions still linger.

I now believe that God showed me this vision of the “future” as a reality of where America and/or the World is currently headed. I do not believe that we are doomed to this “future” which he showed me. I have hope that this “future” can be changed if we can all work together to change the course that our nation (and/or the world) is on now.

There are many questions that were not answered in my Vision. What we do know however is that all knowledge of God and the existence of God had been erased from this “future”. That means that people there were totally “on their own”. I imagine that people like that young man who opted for assisted suicide probably felt that he would just cease to exist.

The biggest question however I continuously think about even till this day is “what happened to all the adults” there. My sense tells me that somehow there was no room for adults in this “future”. Another distinct feature I noticed (and no I’m not being racist or stereotypical when I say this) is that almost everyone not only appeared to be young, but they also appeared to be “white/caucasion”. However, although I can’t recall completely, I do believe I did see some Chinese (or other form of Asian) people. I do not recall seeing any “brown” people or “black” people, although I’m not denying that there could have been some there (or even in a different biodome for that matter if they existed). After all, my stay in this future was short-lived and there were probably many places I didn’t explore.

Obviously, with things like Holographic playback devices, technology was far more advanced than the technology of today. I guess that would be expected. This huge structure/”biodome” itself was also intriguing. It appeared to be both a residential area (all of the above floors of “apartments”) as well as a commercial area (the 1st Floor “commercial-plex”). Again, I don’t know for sure, but I got the vibe that this structure (and other places like it if they existed) was where everybody lived during this time. Were there other “bio-domes” like this? I don’t know, but I know that the people that lived there probably never left (nor would they have a need to I imagine). The other question that arises is why people lived there in the first place. What happened to traditional housing, shopping malls, and the things we see today? Somewhere down the road, did all that disappear?

There are many questions that remain unanswered but I believe that God showed me the most important things in this vision of a possible “future”…the things he wanted me to see.