No, 4:44 is not the angels’ number. It is most likely sinister.

For years now, I have been trying to find answers…

…answers to what seems like an ongoing plague in relation to the number 444.

The roots of my 4:44 experiences:

I first began experiencing things related to this number after going through a brutal divorce. My ex wife practically destroyed my life and even the life of my parents because she became greedy. Just several months after our marriage, she filed for legal separation and then eventual divorce and ended up trying to gain control of everything her and I owned (including the savings and investments I had in my own accounts)…and if that wasn’t enough, she (most likely through her money-hungry attorney’s influence) also decided to sue my parents for just about everything they owned too (including their house).

The brutality of this divorce instantly gave me PTSD but it also affected my parents in many ways too. My Dad, being Chinese, pretended like what my ex wife and her attorney were doing wasn’t bothering him…but shortly after my parents were served with my ex-wife’s outrageous lawsuit, that pressure became too much to bear and he collapsed on the floor. When he regained consciousness, he would never be the same again. He lost his ability to walk that day and has been “bedridden” ever since.

Outraged by what my ex wife and her attorney had done, I issued a curse on her (or at least wanted to for a moment). I was heartbroken and felt betrayed, and although I always try to live my life as a good Christian, I broke down for a bit. When I saw my ex wife in court one day towards the end of our case, I looked at her in the face and uttered the words “I curse you”. I do not know if I literally believed that I was able to “curse” her, but in my mind, I did want her to suffer (aka: karma) for what she had done. So even though I uttered the words “I curse you” to my ex wife, I wasn’t sure if it would have any effect.

Well, it may have had an effect but just not the way that I anticipated.

Bad luck streak:

The most noticeable thing that happened to me after my divorce was a string of bad luck that seemed never-ending. Till today, I cannot explain how crazy it was.

I often frequented casinos in the past because I enjoyed playing Texas Hold ’em. I won quite often too. While I was with my ex, I would occasionally go and play for a bit (maybe every other week or so) and I would usually always bring home money in the form of winnings which I would often just give to my ex wife to spend. It was more about the enjoyment than the money for me.

But after my divorce the bad luck started.

I considered myself a good poker player and one of the things that I feel made me a good player was that I understood statistics (odds) well.

In poker it is normal to occasionally receive what’s known as a “bad beat”. It’s those times when you have a great hand and odds are heavily in your favor but somehow your opponent seems to defy the odds and pull that one card they need to beat you.

However, for me, I began receiving bad beats on almost every good hand I played. There were so many times in which I had such a good hand that there was only one or two cards left in the whole deck that could save my opponent…but somehow they always seemed to draw that card. It began getting ridiculous. It wasn’t long before I myself felt cursed.

It wasn’t just in poker either. Bad luck became a normal occurrence. For instance, I would accidentally knock something over on the counter and it would pick the worst spot to hit the ground (like in a bucket of water or underneath a cabinet I can’t reach). My parents’ house would spring a leak and then when that got fixed some other unexpected problem would happen. Things such as this persisted for years.


Then the weird time occurrences began. Almost every night, I would instantly wake up from my sleep (sometimes in the midst of a dream) and my clock would read “4:44am”. The first couple nights I brushed it off as a weird coincidence, but when it started happening consecutively every night, it became scary.

That’s when I began researching the number on google to see what I could find.

The first things I found were certain websites (usually from psychic websites or other “worldly” type sites) that claimed that the number is actually an angel number. Most of these sites stated that if one constantly saw that number, it meant that angels were letting them know that they were near.

For some reason, I doubted this interpretation but I kept it in the back of my mind anyway.

Not satisfied with the data that I found, I kept searching. After quite a bit of research, I stumbled upon somebody’s personal blog that claimed that they were experiencing the same thing that I was experiencing. Just like me, they would wake up every night at 4:44am exactly and it had been going on for years.

However, what really stood out to me was the dream that this person reported having one night around this 4:44am time. He claimed that he dreamed that he went back in time and saw life through the eyes of Paul, the apostle. He claimed that he experienced seeing Jesus in the dream and walking with him and his disciples.

The person writing this blog claimed to be very religious and was a professed Christian. He claimed that the experience of “walking with Jesus” and seeing things out of St Paul’s eyes was a great experience.

However, when I read his testimonial I had one major problem with all of this. Many of the things that he mentioned seeing “through Paul’s eyes” was not actually what happened. Many of the things he was seeing could clearly be debunked by the Bible. In other words, what he was seeing was heretical visions.

This quickly led me to believe that even though this person thought that God was showing him this dream, I am certain that it was actually the devil.

This wouldn’t be the first time something like this happened either. The devil also appeared to Mohammed claiming to be an angel of light if you recall.

Even the Bible states that the devil can appear as “an angel of light”:

“For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.” 2 Corinthians 11: 13–14

So, the man that wrote this blog that I read seemed like a very religious God-fearing believer but his thoughts were clearly being manipulated by the devil. The devil (or multiple devils) was clearly trying to deceive him into believing blasphemies about the life of Jesus.

Is 4:44 the devil’s calling card — Or in other words an attempt to lead strong Christians astray?

I would say yes to this question. I don’t know for sure but the pieces of the puzzle are beginning to fall into place for me.

This man’s blog did scare me because I now saw that 4:44am is somehow aligned with the devil trying to instill blasphemous thoughts into Christians’ minds.

However, another blog that I would stumble upon later would shed even more light on things.

I have not been able to find this blog since and only remember certain details about it since I only read it once, but I do tend to have a good memory when it comes to important details.

I can’t remember who exactly wrote this, but if my memory serves me correctly, it was from someone who claimed to actually serve the devil. This person was once a Christian and gave up on following God for various reasons.

He claimed that the devil began talking to him and he was told that he had a very important mission.

The devil apparently told this person of his plans. He was told that the devil was trying to form an “army” of blasphemers that would spread false messages about God and “water down” scripture in order to cause other Christians to lose their faith.

If I remember correctly, this person claimed that the devil said that he would be attacking Christians that he felt were “malleable” and able to be led astray.

The devil then told this person that many people would be marked with the number 4:44. He was told that the number would appear over and over again in these peoples’ lives and that’s how this person would know that they were “chosen”.

After reading this post, it all began making sense.

The ones that are being attacked are often strong Christians:

Both articles, although separate and written by two separate people really sheds light on what this number means and what is going on.

I read thousands of posts about other people’s experiences (on various sites like blogs, reddit, social media posts, etc) and most of these people claimed to see the same recurring numbers (4:44) often.

What struck me as odd however was that almost every single one of these people seemed like strong Christians to me. Most of them had a religious background, believed, and practiced their faith regularly.

This led me to the conclusion that what that person said about what the devil told him is most likely true.

4:44 is not of God and it is not the angels’ number

Although I don’t know for certain, I am almost completely sure of this.

My own experiences recently led me to believe this (which is what ultimately led me to write this article).

I know that there are many people experiencing the same 4:44 phenomenon right now and are seeking answers. Eventually most of these people probably believe that this number is something good and believe that it means that “angels are watching over them” (since that is what most internet searches come up with).

However, I can tell you that if you are seeing this number, you are most likely being attacked by the devil. Based on statistics, you are most likely a Christian and are actively working to serve God. For that I commend you but I must let you know that I think that the devil is working on you right now. He is trying to get you to blaspheme.

My advice is to study the Holy Bible thoroughly and do not resort to thinking outside of scripture right now. If you are Catholic, stick to your church’s teaching.

In this new age, in case you haven’t noticed, Christians are falling away by the dozen. Society is now promoting the false doctrine of living life to the “fullest” by pursuing one’s own selfish desires and deceiving people into thinking that there is no god (or that he is some imaginary being that people concocted throughout the centuries in order to make themselves feel better).

I don’t think that we have ever been in a more blasphemous time so it is no wonder that our faith is being attacked.

If you are seeing the number 4:44 I believe that it means that the devil has chosen you and will try to turn your faith into false doctrine. I believe that he will then try to use you to spread these blasphemies to others in order to get them to lose their faith too.

My most recent 4:44am dreams:

Recently, I was praying out loud to God in my room and asked him for help with my lustful thoughts (although I now realize that it may have been a mistake to pray out loud rather than silently). Anyhow, The truth is that since I’ve been divorced, I’ve been lusting in a sense for sexual desires. The temptations of the world make this craving a lot tougher for me since almost all movies and media today contain some sort of sexually provocative material. The temptations have been great but I have been trying not to sin.

Needless to say, the devil has recently been making it even tougher on me. For the last couple of nights I have had these very sexually provocative dreams (One contained an ex of mine that I was very physically attracted to and last night’s dream contained me masturbating). Needless to say both were very hard to resist but I managed to.

However it wasn’t the dreams that caused me to write this, it was when those dreams occurred. Both of those dreams occurred at exactly 4:44am and only lasted that one minute before I woke up. That was also the only time during the night that I had any kind of dreams like it.

This is how I know that 4:44am seems to be the time that the devil tempts us (chosen Christians) through some type of manipulation of dreams.

This is all I really know right now. Also, please be aware that I could be wrong. I do not wish to mislead anybody if I am wrong and certainly do not want to blaspheme in any way. However, this is the conclusion that I draw from the evidence that I have collected both through my own experiences and the experiences of others.

I will be praying for you all and I ask that you please pray for me too!

I want to conclude by saying that I will pray for all of you experiencing the 4:44 phenomenon. I urge you all to avoid straying from what the Bible teaches and to take precautions not promote any type of blasphemies that the devil may put into your head. We are being attacked. Let’s not let the devil win.


Sincerely Yours in Christ:

Brandon C