Room full of 100 People – “The 70 out of 100”


I am writing this Blog Post today because secretly I hope to find other 10 out of 100s out there. Are you one of them? Are you one of us?

Who are the 10 out of 100?

I watched a TV Show in the past called the “4400”. It was a great Sci-Fi Series that originally aired on the USA Network. I watched it on Netflix years later however and got pretty hooked on it, however, the 10 out of 100 I am referring to has nothing to do with any TV Show or TV Series. The 10 out of 100 which I am talking about here has to do with being a Christian…A True Christian.

So who are the 10 out of 100?

Room of 100

Imagine being in a Room of 100 People chosen at Random. Since I am an American and I don’t know other Countries as well so I can’t speak for them, let’s say that You and I are standing in a large Room of 100 Americans chosen at Random…Completely Random. Everything from Sex, Race, Heritage, Beliefs are all at random…None of that matters. It is truly what is known in the Scientific Community as a “Random Sample”.

Now, if I had to average out Numbers based on what those 100 People would be like in this Day and Age, I would have to say that I believe it would break down to the following:

Around 70 out of 100 of those people would be similar in that they would be living their life as they choose, probably do not believe in God (or do not know if they believe in God…nor do they care). They would simply be living according to the ways and customs of Society. In America today, the general society believes in themselves rather than in God and follows what they want rather than what God wants. I will describe these people more in detail below.

Understanding the 70 out of 100

Most people in that room would be part of the 70 out of 100. They are the biggest and largest part of that Group. So who are these people?

As it says above, many of the 70 out of 100 do not know God, nor do they care to. Now this doesn’t mean that they don’t know about God. Maybe some of them were born into families who were very “Religious”. Maybe some of them went to “Religious” Schools. Maybe some of them even read the Bible cover to cover in the past and can quote Scripture like counting sheep. Maybe some of them started out in one of the other two groups I will mention later but ended up in this one currently.

I believe that the 70 out of 100 needs to be explained the most, because most people are currently one of the 70 out of 100.

To understand who the 70 out of 100 are, we must first understand what makes them who they are.

In a Nutshell, the 70 out of 100 are simply “Products of Society”. “Society” is like a conveyor belt. From a very young age, society, puts you on this conveyor belt. You strap in and you ride down this conveyor belt for up to your entire life. The farther down the conveyor belt you go, the more like the 70 out of 100 (Most of Society) you become.

The conveyor belt teaches you to think like them, talk like them, believe what they believe. It is a “conformist machine”. Conformity is it’s ultimate Goal. So what does it teach you? Most of you may be well aware of what society teaches:

Starting from the Childhood years, it goes something like this: Obey your parents, go to school, get a good education, get good grades, go to college, learn a workable trade, get a job or open a business in that trade, find a hot wife or husband, start a family, have kids of your own and then teach them the same thing, become Grandparents, enjoy your retirement years by hopefully having plenty of savings by then, etc.

Now is this necessarily bad in itself? Well no. I believe that much of this is the Building Blocks of Life. In fact, I believe that God would want something like this for us…just not in the way that society teaches it. We must read between the lines to truly understand what I mean.

Lets look again at this “cookie cutter” existence that society tries to push on us, but let’s take a closer look this time.

So starting from our Childhood years, we’re already being “preconditioned”. Obeying your Parents is not bad. In fact God commands it of us, but because many Parents have already been down the conveyor belt themselves and have conformed nicely to society themselves, what our Parents teach us is usually just a reflection of what society wants us to be…thus the conditioning has already started. When you go to school, what your parents have taught you at home, will also be reinforced by the teachers. It will be further reinforced by Peers because they have received the same conditioning as you too. When you get to college, because most College professors are liberal (“of the world”), it will be further reinforced by them as well. In fact, it will even be expanded on at that stage and for every step that the conveyor belt takes, it will be further reinforced. Did you know that most people think that they are Unique and Special Individuals living their own life, but in Reality, most people are living the life that other people have conditioned them to live.

So who controls the 70 out of 100?

It may seem like the type of Conditioning that society “programs” never changes, but in reality, the proramming which is put into all of us while we are on that conveyor belt has actually changed drastically throughout the years.

So who controls what is programmed into the conveyor belt and therefore ultimately controls what you and I are conditioned to become, believe, and think?

Well obviously, it starts with our leaders. Yes, Government has a lot to do with it. But it is also the people who most of society unwillingly gives too much power to. This group includes celebrities, the mega-rich, big business owners, etc. Does this mean that most people are like Katy Perry, Justin Beiber, or Barack Obama?

To make a long story short, yes.

Young Girls idolize people like Katy Perry, so they begin to think that they must be like her so they can be “cool” and accepted in the eyes of their peers. They start dressing like her, talking like her, and even thinking like her.

Now I included Justin Beiber on this list for a reason. Many people today laugh when they hear that name because many people have abandoned Justin Beiber as their role model. We can say the same thing about many other celebrities like Brittany Spears who were once “hot” and now they’re “not”. However, they were once people that many used to idolize and think they had to be like, therefore, they also helped shape who many people are today whether or not we are too embarressed to admit that now.

So how’s about Government leaders? I think that the Government has the biggest effect on shaping society in my opinion. In fact, it is our Government’s actions that even help shape the celebrities in the first place whether celebrities want to give them that credit or not.

Obama’s “reign” is a good example.

When someone who is not part of the 70 out of 100 looks at our politics for the last 20 years, what they see may be much different than what everybody else sees.

For example, what the 10 out of 100 see is that the people Americans have been electing as their presidents lately match what society is and has been evolving into. In my opinion, we do not have a good track record right now and we haven’t for awhile. Starting from the early 1990s, first there was Bill Clinton. A liberal who had an affair. Then there was George W. Bush a former hard-core frat boy in college who did many things that most people wouldnt approve of. After him there was Obama, a man who spent more money during his term in office than the last 43 presidents put together and has severly weakened our economy and ability to defend ourselves. (Now, for the 2016 Election, we will be forced to choose between a self-righteous bigot with a severe narcisstic personality disorder and a woman whose under FBI invetigation for murder. Why? Because the decent candidates did not get enough votes to stay in the race. It’s almost like America gravitates towards the villain.)

That is a view of them in a nutshell, but what we may not be able to see as clearly is how little by litte, each one has been slightly reprogramming the conveyor belt.

It is not hard to see that our Nation has gotten more liberal in the past 60 years. However, the pace that it has been going just in the last 20 years alone has been absolutely staggering. The conveyor belt programming is much different today then it was say 60 years ago.

The Social Program:

Here is what some of the programming today has become. These are some of the things American Society teaches us today:

  • We should all strive to be rich and live the “American Dream”
  • Marriage does not have to be forever. Divorce is easy to get.
  • Premarital Sex is normal and as long as you use birth control it’s ok. Hell, even if you miss Birth control we have an abortion for that.
  •  All you need to do is obey the laws of the Government. Other than that, you’re free to do whatever you want.
  • True happiness means doing whatever you feel and living however you want to live
  • Sex is more important than love. Most people today enjoy sex in a relationship and it’s easy to move on to the next person because love does not mean forever anymore.
  • If youre “religious” something is wrong with you. The “religious” should quit trying to tell everyone else how they should live.
  • Take as much as you can get now whether it be money, food, entertainment, sex, love, or anything else your heart desires
  • Our society is right and anyone who has not conformed to our way of life is wrong
  • If someone wrongs you, they should be punished…an eye for an eye.
  • Whatever your desire, give into it. This is a free country.

Now there are obviously more than just the above, but is that not, what Society is teaching us to believe nowdays? Is that not what the conveyor belt is conditioning us to be like?

It is undeniable. We see it every day. We see it in our Families. We see it in our government policy. We see it in our court rulings. We see it in the news, in media programs, and on TV. We hear it in lyrics to Pop songs. We hear it from college professors and other students. We see and hear it everywhere. Can you see the conveyor belt? Can you see how much worse things have gotten in just the last 60 years alone? the last 40? the last 20? even the last 10? Every year it get’s worse and worse.

So some of you reading may wonder what is so bad about all the things I’ve mentioned above in the first place. What is so bad about what society has been conditioning us to be? After all, It’s the “norm”. How can everyone be wrong?

Well let me explain to you why it is in fact bad for every single one of us and how yes, the majority of people are wrong.

This is not the first time in history the majority of people have been wrong about something. In almost every Blog Post I write, one of the key defining elements that I try to “drill” into people’s heads is the fact that, yes, sometimes virtually everyone can be wrong about something. Sometimes it is not the one that “sticks out like a sore thumb” that is wrong and needs to conform to the “crowd”. Sometimes it’s the “crowd” that is wrong and needs to conform to the one that “sticks out”. There was once a time when everybody thought the Earth was flat remember. I do not think that the 70 out of 100s would be such a big group, if they understood this one simple fact alone. Many people are afraid to be different because they automatically assume that if they are different, that makes them wrong.

So now let’s get back to talking about what’s actually so wrong about the things I mentioned earlier and about how society conditions us to think.

To understand what is wrong, we must first understand what is Right. Many people have lost sight of what is right, because “wrong” has become the new “norm”.

The Right

There was once a human being who claimed that he is “the Truth the Way, and the Life”. He then showed us the Truth and the Way to Life. It was then written down by 4 people and added to a Book we now call the Bible.

So what did he say was the Truth, the way, and the Life?

Well here are some of his Teachings:

  • Be Poor in Spirit. Be content with that which God gave to you and gives to you.
  • Marriage is a Union in which two people become one for the Rest of their Lives together. It is a bond that cannot be broken by man.
  • Sex is reserved only for your spouse
  • You must obey the Laws of God above all things. Live your life according to the Laws of God.
  • You may have to suffer when you follow God’s Law in this world, but by doing so, you will be happy for all eternity in Heaven. For those that did not Follow God’s Law and just did whatever they felt or lived how they wanted to live, they have experienced their happiness in this world, and condemned themselves for all eternity to misery and pain because of their sins.
  • Love others more than you love yourself. Do unto others as you want others to do unto you. Love one another unconditionally and without boundaries.
  • As Followers, it is our Duty to teach others the Message. Correct others when they do not understand the Truth of God’s Word, but at the same time forgive others every time they do wrong. Never give up hope on others.
  • Give rather than receive. Never take more of something than you need. Be content with only what God Gives you and desire no more. God will always give you enough as long as you ask of him and believe in him, but he will never give you more than you need.
  • “If the world hates you, understand that it hated me (Jesus) first”. One must conform to God, not to the way of the World. For if you conform to the way of the world, then the devil is your father because he is the father of sin and lies within the world.
  • If someone wrongs you forgive them and pray for them. If they wrong you 7 times, forgive them seven times. If they wrong you 77 times, forgive them and pray for them 77 times. If someone hits you on the cheek, offer them the other also. If someone steals your coat, give him your shirt as well.
  • Avoid sin at all costs. If your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. Follow God’s Word rather than what the world tempts you to do. It is better to suffer now than to spend an eternity in hell.

I did not list the actual Bible passages, but everything above are things Jesus himself taught us when he, God, came down to us as a Human Being. If you read the New Testament Gospels, you will find that. How different is the above List from the list I made earlier about how the world conditions us to be? Go back and compare the two lists and you will see that they are almost Polar opposites.

So this leads me to my next point. If following Jesus’ Teaching is the way to Truth and Life as he said, then in a society which does not follow Jesus’ teaching, where are those people headed?

The answer is obvious. The opposite to the path of life would be…you guessed it…The path to lies and death.

So how can one die if we are eternal beings you may be wondering.

What God means by the word Life is Eternal Happiness. It is living as God intended it. If you choose the other path, which leads to death and destruction. It means living in a way which God did not intend us to. It is eternal misery. What most people may not understand is that God does not send us to hell. We doom ourselves there. Most people think that after we pass from this world, God will judge us like he is Santa Claus and will decide if we’ve been naughty or nice and that if we’ve been naughty he will punish us and if we’ve been good he will reward us. The truth is that he gave us free will and through what we choose to do on Earth, we will choose whether or not we want to have any part of him in the next life. It’s almost like a Santa Claus who instead wants to reward everybody, but we’ve cut ourself off from him and once we die, the devil would own us, so God no longer can do for us what he had hoped to do for us. We’ve made our bed without God and now we must sleep in it without God too. Weve locked the door on him for all eternity. (However, the good news is this: As long as we are alive, we can change. He came to save the sinners and they have their whole lives to change. However, after they take their last physical breath. It is too late.)

So, which of the two lists which I’ve laid out above are you following? Are you following the Conditioning of the world? Are you one of the 70 out of 100?

In the next part of this three-part post, I will discuss the next group of people in the room. This group is called the 20 out of 100. I will discuss who they are and what makes them different from the 70 out of 100. I will also discuss in what ways they are the same.