We must all stop the cycle of revenge before we can all be truly at peace

I was recently reading a Newspaper article about a healthcare worker who was killed in the Middle East.


The article also noted that previously, during her time as a captor, she had sent a letter to her parents saying that her captors were treating her very respectable and that they were treating her with humanity and dignity, even though she was a captor (or in other words, a victim of an ongoing struggle)


The article mentioned that she was most likely not killed directly by her captors but was probably killed in an airstrike that her captors could not protect her from.


Now, The US Response is obviously to find and hunt down this girl’s captors and punish them for “the murder”.


Do I believe that the captors were responsible for this young woman’s death. Well yes, they were. If they had never captured her in the first place, she would still be alive.


Do I feel that they should be fully blamed for what happened and punished as if they were cruel to her during her time in captivity. No I dont. I feel that they should be shown a slight bit of mercy for the fact that they did try to treat her with compassion during her time as a prisoner. These Saudi rebels were brain-washed into thinking that their culture and way of life is threatened by others and they are reacting in the best way they know how. Is what they are doing wrong, absolutely. But is it ok to fight fire with fire…I believe that Jesus would say no.


I believe that hostility on Earth is caused by a cycle of hate and revenge. In other words, one person or country wrongs another and the other person or country reacts by getting revenge on them for what they did, causing the other side to once again fight back. This process repeats itself over and over again.


Now this doesnt just apply to this particular situation with the healthcare worker in the Middle East, but we see this everywhere…everyday…


I believe that many wars, including wars at home, wars between families, wars between ex-lovers, wars between kids at school, and larger wars in other countries that take millions of lives, could all be avoided if this cycle of hate and revenge is replaced by Love and Rehabilitation. Sometimes, even the largest wars are caused because two leaders fail to understand what the other side really wants and needs. I believe that in these situations, all that would have to be done is people sit down, suck up their pride, explain how they each feel, and try to work out a compromise.


So here is my theory…and a saying I leave you with…I hope you carry it in your heart…


We must all stop the cycle of revenge before we can all be truly at peace

– Brandon C