Why Young Adults are the key to saving the world from Destruction (or leading us into it)

I am currently 34 years old. This would put me somehwere between Generation X and Generation Y. Needless to say, I have seen at least one or two generations below me turn 18. I was once one of them so I can relate.

Since I am a “middle child” on the multi-decade-long generational climb from the “Baby Boom” generation to the newest Generation Z, I can relate slightly to both sides.

Clueless Young Adult

When I was part of the newest generation of young adults back in the early part of the new millenium, I must admit, looking back now, that I did in fact fit the profile of “young and dumb”. I dont want to use the word “dumb” necessarily =). I think “inexperienced” or “clueless” would fit the bill a little better. I was a “happy-go-lucky” kind of guy that thought America was perfect and that our leaders had everything under control. Basically I thought the same way as most young people today.

Now if somebody told me that I didnt understand things, I would have argued that I understood just fine and would have gone about my life of partying and having fun. I would have thought that everything was ok and that people were just overreacting.

Robot Generation

You see, most young people are like Robots who are driven by Social-Economic trends and habits. They dont even realize it but they are just like robots who have been programmed by people in power such as celebrities (since young people place them so high on a pedastal) and Government officials. These people in power are the ones who set the macro social and economic trends. Why? Its really simple. It’s because virtually all young people overvalue these peoples’ opinions and view them as the people whom they should be like when they grow up. Basically, what these people have achieved in these young people’s eyes, is the young person’s definition of success. So, as a result, what these people in power do, say, and think is generally mimicked by young people. Now because parents nowdays tend to cater to their children’s needs rather than the other way around, their parents also help to “fuel” the system by moving their money and support in the direction that their kids steer them. This is why the economy and society as a whole is dictated by whatever direction young people are driving it rather than what direction the older generations are trying to steer it in. This is also the reason why Government officials will usually try to move policy in the direction more favorable to young people. It’s because Government understands who’s really in charge when it comes to social-economics.

Things were broken. I just didnt notice it when I was young.

So the previous section discussed who I was in the past. Now let’s talk about who I am today.

The time of being carefree, ignorant, and uninformed has long gone out the window.

As I progressed into the young adult that I am today, I quickly started noticing something about our Country…Something just wasn’t quite right. I couldnt put my finger on why I felt that way, but something just seemed broken.

I started to notice things that I hadn’t noticed before. There was too much suffering in the World for things to be perfect like I once thought. There was also too much inequality for the system to be as fair as Government and the rest of society made it seem. Far too many of my friends couldnt make relationships work long-term anymore because cheating had become so rampant. The list goes on and on, but the whole time, Society kept pushing the agenda that everything we were doing was right.

I stopped listening and started Thinking for Myself

At that point in my life, I decided to make a change, and it was the greatest change I have ever made…and ultimately, it was the change that ended up saving me. So what change did I make? I stopped just taking other people’s word for things and started thinking for myself.

Although this may seem like a small thing, I have found that most people (especially young people) dont operate this way. It is however very important to one’s own success. In many of the other articles I’ve written, I’ve mentioned the importance of thinking for yourself by using this example: There was once a time when everybody thought that the World was flat. One man decided to not just take their word for it. He decided that he would discover for himself what the truth was. Although everyone else thought that he was crazy and ridiculed him for it, after a long voyage, he was able to change history because he, along with everyone else, had discovered that he was indeed right.

I tell you now. Just because everyone else is doing something a certain way DOES NOT make it the right way, and just because everyone else believes something is a certain way, DOES NOT make it true. The first step to getting the (Real) Truth is not being afraid to think for yourself.

So, What Truth did I discover?

I learned (especially in recent years), that society is indeed broken…but not only that…It’s far more broken than I could have fathomed when I was younger.

I have to admit that when I first saw the truth, I went through a long period of depression because I couldnt believe how broken things actually were and how lied to I was by the public. I even went through a period where I didnt trust anyone anymore and decided to just close myself off to society. I started to see that it was my peers who were dragging me down, it was their parents (as well as the Goverment) who were inadvertantly helping them, and I just didnt trust anyone anymore…so I avoided them.

Obviously that’s not the way to be either. Sure, one may be safer that way, but it is not the way God wants us to live, I’m sure. He wants us to forgive people, and, if something is broken, he wants us to try to fix it…not just avoid the problem. That is why I’m writing this article today.

Liberal society is leading to our destruction – Too much freedom is a bad thing

Ok, so I am going to talk about some of the things I discovered when I finally decided to take a stand and stop following what the world was doing.

The first thing that becomes blatently obvious is that indeed the world is broken…and when you realize that the world is broken, the next thing that becomes blatently obvious is why it’s broken.

It wasnt until this recent presidential campaign that I really started to understand what is happening.

The theme for America since the 1960s has been more freedom. Freedom of this and freedom of that.

Now Im not saying that freedom in itself is a bad thing…after all, God gave us all free will, but there is a safe level to how much freedom one should have, and we have DEFINITELY crossed that line in recent decades.

One drive for “freedom” that this Country has seen lately is the fight to toss God’s name out of our Country’s symbols, such as the star spangled banner. I was recently taken to court by my now Ex-Wife when she filed for divorce. I notice that, now, the part of the oath that states “so help me God” has been removed. The oath before one testifies now has nothing to do with God helping them in the eyes of the judicial system. Secular Americans are now also fighting to remove “In God we Trust” from American Currency and are fighting to change “Christmas: to “Xmas”.

Our Country is being torn apart…inequality is growing, and more and more people are suffering because of what these people are doing.

What they do not understand (and perhaps even many Christians may still not understand), is that God did not set the guidelines which we call sin (which are stated in the Bible) in place just because he is a God of rules or because he wants to be hard on us. Similar to the relationship of a Parent and a child, he put these rules in place to protect us. Protect us from what you may ask?…He’s trying to protect us from exactly what is happening now – The world is destroying itself from the inside because too many people stopped following God and started following themselves. We’re like a baby playing with a handgun. God might know better but we have no clue of the danger.

Ive often said to myself that our Founding Fathers would be sickened by what America has become today. They knew when they started the Country, that following God’s Laws, which they also referred to as “Moral Principles”, is the Key to making a Nation Great. To be honest, I dont even know how “Christian” the Founding Fathers like Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams actually were. I believe that they were actually Free Masons, however, what I do know is that they understood the principles of what it would take to make a society work and had the utmost respect for God. Obviously, on a Macro social-economic level in America, that has severely changed today. It has also changed in much of the rest of the World.

Conservatives vs. Liberals

Now, Im not going to get too much into Republican vs. Democrat and which one is better. I do not want to offend anyone. What I will say however is this: It is the general attitude of the majority of individuals no matter what they are that will make or break this country. I will separate the two attitudes into these categories: Conservatives and Liberals.

Now as I said before, Freedom in itself is not a bad thing, however too much of it is deadly. So I want to start by being blunt. If you are a very liberal person, you are part of the group destroying our Nation.

So what do I mean by very liberal? Basically, if you think you are smarter than God and that you don’t have to follow the Bible or what the Nation’s Founding Fathers suggested, not only are you a narcassist and an ultra liberal, but you are also contributing to almost all of the problems in America today either directly or indirectly. Now I know many people that fall into this group personally, so I dont hate you. Heck, I can probably say that when I was under the “spell” of the people in power as a young adult myself, I sometimes, may have even found myself on the wrong side of the fence. I truly believe that it’s not that ultra liberals are just bad people (although some of them may be), I believe that most just havent learned the truth yet. Like I said before, they are like programmed robots by the people in “power”.

This also leads me to my next point, which many reading this may have already been thinking and indeed you are correct. It is the young people in society (The same ones I said were driving it earlier) who are the highest liberal population. I guess that explains everything, right. A society driven by liberals will push to abolish God’s Laws, and as an effect, will create more suffering for everyone and eventually lead our Nation to destruction.

So, whats causing young people to become destroyers of our society?

The above sections explain that young people have become too liberal and are causing our society to crumble. What I didn’t mention is why they are like that. When Jesus was dying on the cross, he looked down at the Romans and asked his Father to forgive them because they did not understand what they were doing. We can say the same about young people today. If they realized what they were doing, Im pretty sure that most would try to change. The thing is though that they don’t know, and, even if people tried to tell them, they probably still wouldnt believe those people. They are still trapped in the same “fantasy land” that I was in. They are still under the spell of the rich, famous, and “powerful”. They are still too young to truly understand the mechanics of how Social-Economic trends work on the Macro level, so they simply just accept as truth whatever the people in “power” say and whatever society drives them to believe.

So who are the people truly influencing them? I discussed this a little previously but let’s get more into detail. Like I said before, It all starts with famous people. Most famous people happen to be young themselves including the majority of the most famous singers and actors. They are creating trends by incorporating a persona and other young people in society are trying to follow it. Older generations, who are the parents of these young people, support these bad traits by supporting both financially and emotionally the lifestyle that these young people are living. In turn, Most Government policy-makers and leaders will bend to them too because it’s what gets them elected in the first place and also helps their rating while in office. The final piece of the puzzle is that these same politicians will appoint as leaders in society, other people who promote the same agenda as they do. By doing so, most of the important positions in society such as teachers, lawyers, judges, and other social “over-seers” happen to be highly liberal too…and it is these people that make young people think that it’s perfectly ok to be this way.

College kids are being taught by their professors in school liberal ways of thinking. These liberal ways of thinking will eventually lead to destruction in the young person’s life as well as in their relationships and will eventually cause them to wind up in court in front of …you guessed it…a liberal judge who will teach them that their behavior is normal and perfectly ok…while their liberal attorney will also cause them to believe the same thing.

When something goes wrong in their life, these young people talk to their friends and peers for support. Of course their peers have the same liberal way of thinking, so it doesnt correct the problem…their advice only makes things worse.

No matter where they turn for advice, they are usually getting advice from a liberal.

The only…and I mean only place, they may still be able to get the right advice is from their Grandparents or Parents (if their parents are older). Most people from more conservative times would understand that extreme liberalism (and the society it has created today) is a “death trap” and they would give them more conservative advice…or in other words, advice that God as well as America’s founding Fathers would agree with. There is however one problem. Who really listens to their parents at that age? Grandparents have a better chance of influencing them, but most young people may consider their Grandparents’ information outdated and instead decide to go with the advice of the more influential part of society – Peers and the people in “power”.

If these young people are lucky enough to have a “Religious” family, then maybe there is hope for them. If they attend church regularly and have a “positive” support network with more conservative values, then maybe they can overcome the “death trap”.

Most true liberals however, dont attend church because they think that they are too smart for God. On the other note, there are also many people who claim that they are “Christian” yet their “Christianity” only lasts on Sunday while they are in church. For the other six days out of the week, they are not truly following God’s commandments. If this is you, you know who you are. Even though you may claim to be a Christian, Id hate to break it to you, but you are not. Going to Church on Sunday is not the only thing that’s required to be a Christian. Next, you have to follow what you learn in Church and by reading the Bible. It blows my mind how many people still dont understand that. If you are not being a True Christian than you will find that you will be just as destructive to yourself and to the rest of society as other people are.

In Summary:

So there you have it. With all that is against young people today, all I can do is pray for them. Also, with this next presidential election brewing around the corner, I pray that whoever gets elected is not another ultra liberal. That is the least thing this Country needs. Its hard to even tell from the candidate pool on both sides though who is truly one and who isnt one, since God forgive me, both sides are filled with clowns who couldnt tell the truth even if they were Pinnochio. However, the nominees this year are a good representation of what this society is coming to. May God help us all.

Perhaps the approaching self-destruction of America and much of the world is inevitable. After all, it was predicted in the book of Revelation in the Bible. But perhaps there is a way to avoid the pending destruction. The key would lie in young people. Young People will one day be the leaders of our Country. If they keep the same views and beliefs that they have now, our Country will end up like Sodom and Gomorrah, the overall quality of life will deteriorate to untolerable levels, and America will not be able to hold ground anymore as a nation, because it will no longer be a Nation “under God” but rather a nation under the evil one, whom we all know delights in people’s suffering and dances in the face of discord between people.

Like I said, all this may be able to be prevented by having people simply understand, change their views, and put Values back into America. Like I said before, young people are the key. They are the ones driving society and they are also the ones who can change it. But the first thing they will have to do is to stop being a drone and listening to what political leaders, entertainers, teachers, lawyers, judges, and other people in “power” teach them. They will have to use their own brain that God gave them and realize that society is not what these people in “power” are making it out to be. They need to be like Christopher Columbus in a world full of people who still believe that the world is flat. They will need to seek the truth…the real truth…and not other people in power’s version of the truth.