Q&A – The Truth about God’s Message – Session #1


This is going to be my first post in what I feel will be a Q&A Series.

First and foremost, I am by no means an expert on the Word of God, but I will pray that he can utilize me as an instrument to distribute his Truth through. Every answer I will say will be from the years of Research I have done on God’s Teaching through the Bible as well as the knowledge God has given to me throughout my Life.

I feel that it is now time to start this because I beleieve that the World has gotten to a point where many people misunderstand God or choose not to follow him. I have met many people who do not believe in God or choose not to follow him for many different reasons. Maybe they experienced suffering first hand which they attribute to God such as losing a child, a brother, or a sister, or maybe they were homeless and feel that “God didnt help them”, or maybe they were screwed over by someone claiming to be a Christian. There may be a number of reasons…or in some instances, maybe they just simply dont know God or have grown up to believe that they shouldnt need God. Whatever your story, I am making this Q&A for you, so that hopefully, I can help you understand truly who God is and what he wants for us. Armed with that information, if you still choose to keep God out of your life, at least you will have made an educated decision. But for the rest of you, perhaps through this Q&A, you can change your life both in this World and the Next.


Q&A Session 1:


Q: Does God cause sorrow and grief in this World?

A: Most sorrow and grief in this world is actually a direct result of sin, not God. In order to counteract that sin however, many of God’s children will have to suffer too, but it is not because of God or becaue God necessarily wants this. It is because of others’ (and/or your own) sin(s) that now need to be overcome and the only way to overcome that sin now is through suffering. Think of sin as poison ivy. If you fall into poison ivy, it may not necessarily be God’s Fault…maybe you saw something you wanted such as money lying in the poison ivy and you were tempted to pick it up. On the other hand, maybe you got pushed into the poison ivy by someone else. In that case, it still would not be God’s Fault. However, God created our bodies to heal from poison ivy, so in time we will heal from it, but not without a lot of pain and suffering in the meantime. Obviously, there is no way to get around this time of pain and suffering. It is just something we have to endure because of our sin and/or someone else’s.

God is the Life. Sin brings death and destruction. God is actually trying to save us from sin (death and destruction). What many people dont understand is that because the world is so sinful today, in order to avoid death and destruction and follow God’s word means to “swim against the grain”. It’s as Jesus said in John 15:18: “If the World hates you, know that it hated me first”. In a world full of sin, suffering is an unfortunate consequence of doing the right thing. Simply put, most people are just too arrogant today to feel that they’re the ones that need to change. They always think that if you’re not following the way of the world, something is wrong with you, not them. If they would let go of their selfish pride, than the World would be a much better place with less suffering, but unfortunately, that’s not the path most people have chosen in this World. So in a Nutshell, follow God, and yes, you will suffer, but just on this Earth. Dont get jealous or feel that you need to conform to the World in order to be happy. I’m not God, but you dont have to be an Einstein to see that about 70%-80% (The numbers may actually be higher) of the world is on a 1-way trip to hell. There they will burn for all eternity and they will spend the rest of eternity wishing that they had done what you did, went through some suffering on Earth, and spent an eternity in Paradise instead.


Q: If most Christians believe something does that make it True?

A: The only Truth is God and his Word. If God hasn’t said it than we do not know the Truth unless God reveals that Truth directly to us.

God does however, have messengers all over the World. These are people that he calls on to pass his message through. However, herein lies two concerns that must be dealt with first.
#1: How do we know that the messenger is really God’s messenger and not just someone making stuff up to get people’s attention?
#2: How do we know they didnt misinterpret the message themselves and change the meaning to something untrue in doing so?

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s hard to know for sure whether its God’s True message or one that was either created or molested by Humans. This includes even higher ups in the different Churches. Just because they are “Church Leaders does not necessarily mean that they are correct about everything they say.

The only known Truth that exists in this World today is what is written in the Bible. Particularly what was said directly by Jesus or God the Father Himself in both the New and Old Testaments. Generally, the more original your version of the Bible, the more accurate it should be. If it has been translated (edited by humans) in recent years, then we do not know in what ways it may have been manipulated by them and how accurate that translation actually is. I tend to go with the KJV version nowdays simply because it’s one of the oldest translations still being used and the translators also made claims at the time that they were going for the most accurate translation without any change to meaning.

If we read the Bible, we can understand God’s True nature, and if we know his true nature, then we will know if we are being misinformed by others who claim to know about God.

Yes, we really do live in a world today where we need to be extremely careful about who we believe. Get to know God through the Bible and you will have better defenses against being deceived.


Q: What would a world without Religion be like? Are we headed that direction because of all the attacks on Christianity by the Modern-Day faithless?

A: With all the liberalism in the world, we are definitely headed that direction. However, that is not something to be proud of.

People that hate God, do not understand him. We were all created in his image, which means we are all inherently good. I have seen good in even the “worst” of people.

People that dont know God (and dont want to know God) tend to view him as an enemy. They see him that way because all they see is rules and regulations and things we shouldnt do. Many have experienced suffering first hand which they attribute to God such as losing a child, a brother, a sister. or maybe they were homeless and “God didnt help them” or possibly maybe they were screwed over by someone claiming to be a Christian.

The truth is many “Christians” even, don’t truly understand God and because of that, they tend to misrepresent him.

People think that by detaching themselves from God, they are free to live their lives as they see fit, to be gay if they want to be gay, to have premarital sex every night, to strive for money and power and fame and all that the world has to offer.

What they dont realize is that the world is lying to you. The stuff we think we need is going to destroy us. In the future that you talk about, if it comes to that, although it may give you a false sense of happiness, people will suffer more than they ever have. America is at the brink of destruction right now because of how liberal this coutry has become.

If you were a baby and you wanted to play with a knife, wouldn’t you want a parent to stop you? not having God in your life is like not having a parent to stop you. Sure, you may hate the Parent for taking the knife away from you when they do, but imagine if there was no one there to take that knife (or gun) away from you when you were a baby. That is the life you are asking for.

I suggest that everyone read the bible cover to cover until they understand who God really is and what he is really trying to do for us. See for yourself. Do your own research.

I will pray for those who are misled and will pray that they can get the strength to become a light in the darkness as Jesus was and is.


Q: What do most people misunderstand about God?

A: There are many things that I believe most people misunderstand about God. The best way to describe the Relationship God has with us is to describe the Relationship between a Parent and a child. When we’re small, we may want to play with that interesting shiny knife and we may cry when our Parents take it away from us. Kids may even hate (or get extremely frustrated with) their Parents for it. How can they be so mean we ask ourselves. Little do we know at the time, how dangerous that knife really is.

God is like our Parent who protects us even if that means taking away things we really want or things we think we cant live without. Today, the World is going in a destructive direction. Another name for destructive direction is a sinful one. That’s all sin really is. It’s something that hurts either yourself or someone else either in the short term or long term. Thats why God doesn’t want us to sin. Not because he just wants to be hard on us. It’s because sin is counteractive to Life. I have a good article on how sin is actually destructive here and reasons why God asks us not to do it.


Q: How many Religions misunderstand God’s True Teaching?:

A: Many Christians today simply MISUNDERSTAND some (not all) of God’s Teachings. To truly Understand God’s Teaching, one must reference Only the Bible. I would give the most weight to the things Jesus or God the Father said directly both in the New Testament and Old Testament.

I have no problem with Modern Institutionalized Religions. I was raised a Catholic, Went to a Christian Highschool with a Baptist Church, and my Best friend was a Mormon. My Ex-Wife was also Jewish with an Angelican Background.

I believe that God is Non-denominational and that each Religion has some things that they are wrong about and others that they are right about…some more right than others, but no religion is 100% correct in it’s teaching. Why? Because every Christian Religion is run by Humans who sometimes misunderstand or manipulate God’s word and then pass that false teaching on to it’s people.

To truly understand God, you must go JUST on what the Bible says.

I believe that God Loves his Churches and is in every single one that Believe and follow him. However, just like the Pharisees in Jesus’ Time, many Church leaders today misinterpret, mistranslate, or simply manipulate the True Word of God.